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Groovy Antoid is a game development studio with a small, passionate team dedicated to making cute, quirky games with colorful art and a polished gameplay experience. We strive to create fun experiences and lovable characters across different platforms.

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We specialize in good-looking, 2D games for Mobile and HTML5 platforms using engines including Unity, Cocos Creator, Godot, Phaser, etc. Contact us to hire us to make your own game idea!

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We're Fundraising!

Groovy Antoid is a US-registered, Techstars startup company looking to scale up operations. We're fundraising to expand the studio and tackle the gaming market from multiple angles. Get in touch to learn more about our business plan and investment opportunity!


Developed Games

Here's just a few of the games we've developed over the years. A varied selection of interesting gameplay mechanics, cute and lovable characters, and high replay value.

Fat Bunny

A challenging 2D score-based blend of a platformer and an endless hopper, where you play as an adorable fluffy bunny and your goal is to scale mountains, collect carrots and get higher scores.​

Sticker Stack

a competitive stacking  game for messenger platforms

Trash Factory

Help the trash pandas (raccoons) sort garbage by making sure the items go to the corresponding trash bins!Why? They are trash pandas, and it's your job!

Sushi Supply Co.

Watch the profits pile high as new varieties of Kitty Sushi Chefs step up level after level as you are overwhelmed with riches and cuteness.

Our Expertise

We're an indie game studio focused on developing various types of games, utilizing various game engines and software where needed.

We're currently specialized in developing games using the Unity engine, which is one of the industry standards to create all kinds of games.

We're experienced in developing games on various platforms from smart mobile devices on the Android and iOS operating systems, as well as on PC and and messaging apps.

Get Your Game Developed!

If you want your game developed, whether you're someone new in the industry or an pretty deep into it, we have the expertise to help you get your game finished and ready to be released into the hands of your players all of the world. Let's talk!

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About Us

Groovy Antoid is a team of indie game developers based in Beirut and focused on creating a world of cute, colorful characters and quirky games to invade mobile screens around the world

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Your Game

Do you have that amazing game you've always wanted to develop? Is your studio inexperience or busy to develop your game? Then let's talk about developing your game!

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Groovy Antoid is looking to scale up operations. Get in touch to learn more about our business plan and investment opportunity!